Known Aliases

AntifaBean Deputy Butterbean Pickle Half of Butterbean/Dong 2021 Falcon

Episode Appearances

A time or two

Notable Achievements

  • Only burned one of his kids in a house fire (50% win rate!).
  • Funny on occasion
  • Enough Synthesizer equipment to get pity sex once in awhile
  • Keeps his family's prized slave receipt on the fridge under his BLM magnet and next to his picture of Al-Gore.
  • Supports the police shooting black people.
  • Is prepared for the upcoming race war he wants to start.

Memorable Quotes

Speaker Qoute

"Who cares about Baloney?"
"Shit yeah man, more super chats"
"If someone wants to tribute Anthony, we'll make a shirt out of it"
"You don't get a vote- till you like.. buy some shares"
"Blue lives matter"

Fun facts

  • His IQ is about the same as an orangutan.
  • He wants to see a black man fucking his wife.
  • He's obese.