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2/18 Bonus Show

seeding finger story

Waitress fired for complaining about tip

Pee Tweet

Milk that will turn you gay



2/18 show

Here is a link to our go fund me to get an episode pressed to vinyl.




Sign our petition to get “Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back” retroactively nominated for the awards they so rightly deserve. Link to our petition 

8/13 Show Notes

Creepy old man identifies as 6 year old girl.

8/5 Show Links

Peter Noreika

Pony the monkey prostitute.


6/25 show links

Imitation Stones

Cultural Appropriation


6/14 show links

Roxy Raye Homepage (NSFW)

Wet and Messy wiki page

Jasmin Cain Website

Bad Mary homepage


6/7 show links

Laser Farts

A day without white people

Minus Six website

Roxy Raye Twitter Page (NSFW)